Product Planning & Execution

If you are trying to scale your enterprise by automating certain processes or even aiming to productize your process and scale your revenues, the first step is to visualize the product and create an executable roadmap. Only someone with a deep-seated technology and product experience can come up with the right product solution to visualize your product.

Startup Evaluation & Investment Advisory

If you are an investor or HNI looking to invest money in a tech startup, the first step is to ensure that your prospective tech product can scale.

Team Hiring, Planning & Culture Management

Hiring the right engineering team and putting in the best engineering processes in place define the robustness and maintainability of the software that you build. We can help you standardize the Tech Screenings, Code Development / Build / Deployment Practices, Code Maintenance / Evaluation and Improvement Practices.

Technology Evaluation & Recommendation

As the saying goes, its the right hammer for the right tool. We have seen people caught between evaluating Ruby vs Python, Using an existing solution (ex. BigQuery) vs building your own, Azure vs AWS vs Google Cloud Let’s not re-learn, re-invent, re-implement.

Expert Advisory

There are times when you need a specific expert in AI or ML or even UPI Payments. We have got you covered. We’ll connect you with the specific advisor who has demonstrable experience in your area of need.

Technology Training & Bootcamps

We do specifically tailored training sessions, so you can set up and scale your tech team on-demand.

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